Sweet Canaan's 2nd Annual Soles For Souls 3K/5K Walk-Run - Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 8:00 AM
Rev. Dr. Johnny Freemont III, MATS, DD
Rev. Dr. Johnny Freemont III graduated from Sam Houston High School in San Antonio, Texas and then matriculated at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas.  He received a BA in Business Administration and Management on May 5, 1999.  After answering his call to the ministry, he matriculated at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in the MDiv program, and graduated with a Master’s of Art in Theological Studies from Austin Graduate School of Theology in August 2005.  He also received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Guadalupe Baptist Theological Seminary in May 2008.
He began his work in the ministry and was licensed to preach the Gospel ministry at Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church in Laurinburg, North Carolina where Dr. Johnny Jordan was the pastor.  He served as a youth pastor at Bethlehem until his return to Austin, Texas to attend seminary.  He then joined St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church where Rev. Dr. Ivie Rich is the pastor and was ordained for the Gospel ministry.  He was an instructor at Mt Olive Bible Institute where Dr. Carter was the president. He organized ministries and work with various non-profit organizations in promoting evidence based initiatives to help promote wellness and healing for the people in the community in which the churches were invested.
pastorfree                He relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a ministry opportunity.  He worked as an Adolescent Violence Reduction Partnership youth worker with a non-profit Latino organization called Congreso that serves predominately Puerto Rican and African American neighborhoods.  He served as a mentor to youth between the ages of 10-15.  A large amount of his time was spent doing community outreach with members in the community, churches and other faith -based organizations, as well as, forming collaboration with other community based organizations.  The primary objective was working with youth and their families and linking them up with resources that were available to assist their immediate needs and to give the youth a positive role model to help change the youths’  trajectory that was prone to violence.  Finally, Rev. Freemont served on the Community Youth Task Force as vice-chair.  The task force was created to work with Philadelphia’s Police Commissioner to help formulate better relations between police officers and the youth in the community.  His contribution to the task was to provide leadership development to youth and devise the mission and strategic goals for the task force and provide leadership development for the youth and task force members.
                Rev. Dr. Johnny Freemont relocated to San Antonio, Texas and joined the ministry at St. Phillip Baptist Church where Dr. Ronald K. Brown is the pastor.  He began to teach at Guadalupe Baptist Theological Seminary and now teaches at San Antonio Theological College (SATC).  He answered the call to serve as pastor at Sweet Canaan Baptist Church in Kingsbury, Texas on February 27, 2013 and looks forward to ministering to the community and working with the sister churches in the area. You may contact Dr. Johnny Freemont at pastor@sweetcanaanbc-kingsbury.org or pastorfreemont@gmail.com.
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